GDPR compliance

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GDPR compliance


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Dear members and guest of community,

as many of you are probably aware the European Union launches on May 25, 2018 a new law under the name $2016/679$ regarding the privacy policy of personal data. We would like to seize this moment to inform you how we handle your personal data:
  1. All data that you fill in the registration form are stored in a database and are encrypted by strong algorithms. That way, no third party can access them.
  2. In no way do we edit or intervene on your personal data that are stored in our databases. Furthermore, we don't have access to your personal messages nor to your passwords since those are encrypted.
  3. The administrator team will never ask for more personal data than those that are required during your registration process and shall never deliver the stored data to third party companies.
  4. You have the ability to edit all data through your User Control Panel ( UCP ) and make sure that is displayed only what you want to be displayed to the other members of this community. In addition , you have full control over your posts; that way you can create a new post in the appropriate forum and if you ever decide that you don't want to be visible anymore you can just delete it. However, please note that in case that any member of the community has replied to your post you are no longer in the position to delete it but rather edit it.
  5. Unfortunately, you can not delete your personal account. This is due to the consistency of the community. Such action would result in all your posts deleted and we can not afford that. If you , however, want your account deleted please contact the forum master and forward a request. No need to explain your reasons. We will deactivate your account as soon as possible but we will retain your posts for the consistency of the community. From then on your author's name will be Anonymous.
  6. This webpage uses cookies for faster navigation. Cookies provide functions such as read tracking if they have been enabled by the board owner. You can delete them though by just following this link. Note that cookies are automatically generated by the phpbb software as soon as you visit this page.
Thank you.
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