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Welcome to the new and improved mathimatikoi.org

by admin


we are more than happy to welcome you aboard the new and improved mathimatikoi.org. We have just updated our board to the latest version of the software that the site is running. Here is what it has to offer:

  1. We have installed a new theme ( Basic by Arty ) which is more elegant that the previous we had.
  2. We have added further capabilities to the software. Furthermore we have improved the posting template to look like a WYSIWYG editor.
  3. We have customised the index page with some blocks so that it looks like a portal.
  4. We enabled the topic tags. Now everytime you post a topic it is categorised as long as you add tags to it.
  5. We have added a live topic update so that the board ajaxifes as soon as a topic has gotten an answer.
  6. We have strengthened the security of our site by adding a Sortables Captcha in the registration page. This way it is much harder to be attacked by malicious bots.
  7. We have integrated an online equation editor along our software installation allowing you users to typeset equations more quickly. All you have to do it launch it while being at the posting_body.
  8. Are you good at writing? Do you think you have all it takes to write captivative mathematical articles in English? If so, head over to our blog and post an interesting article for the rest of our community to read or comment on.

You should also note that the site is now mobile - friendly . This feature had been missing from the previous version of our site. You can now browse it more easily from your cell phone.

If you would like a certain feature added please do not hesitate on contacting us and requesting it. If something has gone awry during this big upgrade / update please let us know so we can fix it.

On the other hand we removed certain features. One of them is the ability to see which users are browsing forums / posts. We are in favor of the content and not of the "who is going to post faster". In addition visitors are not able to see certain pages within the community. These pages include "The Team" , the "Online Users" for example.

Thank you and enjoy the new and improved mathimatikoi.org!

~the mathimatikoi.org team~