Origin Story

On December , 2012 , Grigorios Kostakos invited a group of greek mathematicians to join him in setting up a new forum exclusively for university mathematics. These mathematicians were:
  1. Antonopoulos Charalambos
  2. Kotronis Anastasios
  3. Mouroukos Vaggelis
  4. Sinefakoulos Achilleas
  5. Tsipelis Serafim
  6. Christofides Demetres
They all responded to his call and on December 12 , 2012 the mathimatikoi.org forum was launched in the Internet World. Unfortunately the first two years were not that of a success as the newly created forum did not attract professional mathematicians or enthusiasts from around the globe. This in return made most people of the team to quit and move on with other projects.

The team was refreshed by new people; in 2015. Those young people were undergraduate students.
  1. Tsakanikas Nickos
  2. Papapetros Vaggelis
  3. Kourdouklas Apostolos
The latter assumed the role of administrator ( a position still holding today ) when the site was migrated to its new home and upgraded to the phpbb version.

Our aim

The aim of mathimatikoi.org is to promote the mathematical ideal all across the world. Our ultimate goal is to have discrete mathematicians discussing within our environment high level of mathematics , sharing ideas with the rest of the community , publishing journals with interesting topics etc.


If you are interested in our master plan , you are more than welcome to join in. Register now and become a part of the community. We thank you in advance for any contribution and any interaction you may have with us.